Congresswoman Castor on Pew study on green jobs

06/15/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Last week, WMNF reported on a new study from the Pew Charitable Trusts on the clean energy economy over the past decade. It said that Florida green job economy grew nearly 8 percent over the past decade.

Today Hillsborough area Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor said the release of the report comes at a critical time.

During a recent debate about the Clean Energy Bill, Castor says she added an amendment to promote renewable power in the Energy and Commerce Committee. She says she was inspired to do so by the city of Gainsville.

Castor also mentioned how $85 billion in direct spending and tax incentives for green jobs was included in the economic stimulus bill passed by Congress earlier this year

Victor Eyal, has been in the solar industry since 1981, but says it’s only been in this decade that there’s ever been as much interest and demand for solar power. He says that the growth in green energy jobs in the U.S. is promising when comparing what’s being done in other countries.

John Di Bella is the president of Enviro Voraxial Technology. His company is using a new technology that uses centrifugal force to separate water from solids.

The Pew Study was conducted from 1998 to the end of 2007.

Lori Grange with the Pew Center for the States acknowledged that there could be some decrease of green jobs in the past year and a half – the same time as the recession has been in effect. But Grange said other factors, like the billions of dollars earmarked in the stimulus bill, as well as continuing private investment, should keep the clean energy economy strong in Florida.

Pew’s definition of green jobs includes engineers, plumbers, administrative assistants, construction workers, machine setters, marketing consultants, teachers and many others.

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