A discussion about medical marijuana

06/17/09 Robert Lorei
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Today on RadioActivity we feature a discussion with Kim Russell, a founder of People United for Medical Marijuana, Florida.

From the group's official web site:

"There are over 1.7 million seriously ill people in Florida. They have the right to safe, affordable, and effective medication. The goal of this committee is to restore liberties to Floridians. We are collecting signatures on a petition to support a constitutional amendment that gives patients the right to grow, obtain, purchase and possess medical marijuana under a doctor's supervision. We need signatures from over 700,000 registered voters and donations exceeding $5 million. The deadline for the 2010 election ballot is February 1, 2010. We are encouraging a letter writing campaign to prompt the legislators to pass a bill giving Floridians these rights in 2009."

Note: The first part of this show was open phones. Our scheduled guest joined us half-way through.

More information: People United for Medical Marijuana 407 405 0110

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