Yesterday afternoon the Pasco County Commission unveiled an eighteen minute video at a workshop meeting which also attempted to answer some fifty written queastion submitted earlier by the public. The video promotes the "Penny For Pasco", a tax hike which would raise an additional 437 million dollars over it's ten year lifespan. Schools and the county would split ninety percent of the new income generated, Pasco Counties cities would take care of the rest.The money would go to building new schools, improving roads and buying environmentally sensitive lands and would pay to rebuild the cities crumbling infrastructure. At the workshop meeting, commisioner Steve Simon was eloquent in his response to a letter writer who disputed the commission's assertion that 20 percent of the tax revenue comes from out of county visitors. Roll tape: Simon and Peter Altman took turns patting each other on the back. Roll Tape:WMNF asked Commissioner Pat Muliari how much this video cost. Roll Tape: In an earlier session, Muliari was the lone dissenting vote on whether to spend taxpayers dollars in advertising this new tax. Muliari had this to say when asked if she supported it now. Roll Tape: Bill Bunting is the chairman of the Pasco County Republican party. He once advocated high school students be allowed to bring their rifles to school during hunting seaso. Bunting is against this tax. Roll Tape: WMNF asked for som pro's and con's from the audience. Roll Tape: And a pro voice. Roll Tape: WMNF spoke with Jenifer Seney, who came to support the tax. Roll Tape: CLOSING: The video airs twice a day on the Pasco County Public Access channels two and nineteen. You can also go to for more information and a sample ballot which will come to a vote March 9th. This is Mark Antokas for WMNF radio news

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