Storms on development and SB 360

07/07/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

Last month, Governor Charlie Crist angered many in the state concerned with growth management by signing Senate Bill 360, the controversial measure sponsored by Bradenton Republican Mike Bennett.

Crist had been heavily lobbied to veto the bill, which loosens development rules in a number of areas with the intent of promoting economic development.

Many environmentalists have said that the original intent of Bennett’s bill was legitimate – that the concurrency rules currently in place are not working.

Road concurrency rules dictate that no proposed new development should be approved unless local roads adequate to serve it at a certain desired ‘level of service’ either exist or will be built at the same time as the proposed development.

Most of the Hillsborough County state delegation voted against the measure. Eastern Hillsborough County State Senator Ronda Storms was one such legislator. But as she told WMNF last Saturday, she does believe the current rules don’t work.

Crist signed the bill despite opposition from environmentalists, many state editorial boards, and several counties, including Hillsborough, which sent a letter to the Governor request he veto the bill.

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