Bradley case heard at Pinellas County school board meeting

07/29/09 Lindsey Kratochwill
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During the Pinellas County school board meeting last night, a memorandum regarding the Bradley Case, a 45 year-old lawsuit was heard.

The proposed memorandum on the Bradley case has seen criticism from the St Petersburg NAACP. The agreement includes equitable allocation of funding for instructional strategies and intervention to improve black student achievement. St Petersburg NAACP President Ray Tampa worries that it is not enough and that it needs to be more specific.

Charles McKinsey echoed the sentiments of Ray Tampa. He also hopes to see a more specific agreement.

School Board member Linda Lerner was glad to see the change in wording to “equitable.” She acknowledged that some schools may have a different population of struggling students.

However, Lerner did not agree with the wording in saying that there should be “instructional strategies and intervention to improve black student achievement.” She felt that it should read “improve student achievement including black students.”

School board Attorney James Robinson did not see a need to change the wording legal or otherwise. He said that the plaintiffs neither agree nor disagree that there are separate strategies to benefit black students.

Lerner’s motion to change this wording was not passed.

Shortly thereafter, an amended agreement was passed, changing the wording to say “equitable allocation of funding and resources.” More information about this meeting can be found at

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