Attorney fights to stave off evictions

07/31/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

At a mobile home park in east Tampa, residents are getting an eviction notice on Wednesday that they needed to depart their homes by today.

We heard from some of the residents of the Tampa Sun Mobile Home Park, located on North 47th Street in Tampa. Approximately 60 people live in the mobile park lot, and many will have no place to go, if evicted in the next week.

That’s why earlier today a St. Petersburg attorney who specializes in real estate law went to court to file an emergency petition to give the residents adequate time to move.

Cary Alan Cash said that at the minimum, lawful procedures must be followed in any eviction, and says that has not been the case here.

Upon driving thru the mobile home park, WMNF noticed a lack of garbage collection. Attorney Cary Alan Cash says that’s just part of the neglect of basic essential services.

State records indicate the property is owned by a company called Taryag, but nobody from the business has stepped forward to speak about the eviction.

Cash was asking the Court to require the landlord to not interrupt utility services, and that they need to follow Florida law. He said in a situation where the landlord owns the home, and the land below the homes, any eviction notice should be governed under a specific statute, which usually requires at a minimum 7 day notice.

Adding insult to injury, the landlord has accepted recent rent payments.

Attorney Cary Alan Cash said that the situation is dire, and is hoping that people in the community might be able to help out. To contact him, 727-327-2258.

Update:Attorney Cary Cash said he finally reached the landlord for Tampa Sun Mobile Home Park, and there will be no immediately evictions.

He says negotiations will continue into next week, and says he hopes to work on getting at least a month’s time before anybody may have to leave the facility.

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