Treasure Island Solution Workshop

08/06/09 Lindsey Kratochwill
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday

Last night a solution workshop was held at the Treasure Island city hall, regarding the concern about alcohol use on Sunset Beach.

During a similar meeting held on July 19, about 50 residents met to find solutions to such concerns. Mayor Bob Minning and Commissioners attended last night’s meeting. Among the top issues were parking, littering, trespassing, public intoxication, underage drinking, and drinking & driving. The owners of Sunset Beach bars, Caddy’s and Ka’Tiki, were also present to defend their businesses on the beach. To tackle the littering problem, Caddy’s has been increasing their amount of garbage cans.

Many residents spoke to their own experiences caused by alcohol, from beachgoers parking in front of their house to the problem of public urination on their property or business. Many held up signs that said “Enforcement.” They felt that there are laws in place to take care of these offenses, but police aren’t doing enough to enforce them.

Treasure Island Police Chief Tim Casey was present. He noted the increase in citations and arrests in regards to intoxication, but was not aware of the public’s concern with littering. He says his department will look into the issue, but the main problem is that the officer must see the incident in order to issue a citation or arrest.

Many residents of Treasure Island still want to see an alcohol ban on Sunset Beach. They were informed at the meeting that they may petition to put it on the ballot. A petition committee of five people must receive signatures from 20% of the electorate within 90 days of forming the committee for it to be on the ballot.

Mayor Bob Minning addressed the suggestions and will take them to the Commission, including a second look at parking on one side of the street and permit parking.

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