Obama Administration may give up public insurance option

08/18/09 Robert Lorei
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Welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up we’ll talk about the signals from the Obama administration that it's giving up on including a public option in its health insurance reform plan. But first a lot of listener comments about last Thursday’s program, on which we heard a Republican critic of health care reform.

The Obama administration took a single-payer solution to America's health care crisis "off the table" at the outset of the debate. Since then it has cut dubious "deals" with Big Pharma and the private hospital industry. And finally, this weekend, officials signaled that the Obama team might be willing to jettison the central progressive plank of reform: the creation of a publicly run insurance program that could compete with private insurers…..It may be just one "aspect" of health reform, but without it, the legislation promises to be a massive rip-off; a taxpayer give-away of hundreds of billions of dollars to an unreformed 'disease care' industry.

Those are the words of Joshua Holland who is a Senior writer and editor at http://www.Alternet.org. He joins us now.

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