Combating fraudulent letters from fossil fuel lobbyists

09/03/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Earlier this summer it was reported that the names of several non-profit groups had been used in a lobbying campaign falsely, expressing opposition to climate change legislation then pending in the House of Representatives.

Today, representatives from some of those advocacy groups announced a new telephone hotline to help people to fight against what the groups call ‘polluters’ and their lobbyists.

Adam Colton is the Director of Congressional & Federal Affairs for the National Wildlife Federation. Colton referred to the recently leaked memo emanating from the American Petroleum Institute urging employees to attend town hall meetings such as the one last week in Ybor City and protest cap-and-trade.

Colton said he and several other groups were today unveiling the Polluter Fraud Hotline

Hillary Shelton is with the NAACP. She said the NAACP is calling for Congressional hearings on what Bonner & Associates, one of the lobbyist groups, have done.

Massachusetts Democratic Representative Ed Markey has said he wants to investigate the campaign by Bonner & Associates.

Linda Hallman is the Executive Director with the American Association of University Women. She called what Bonner & Associates has done ‘outrageous’.

Mary Anne Hitt is deputy director with the Sierra Clubs Beyond Coal Campaign . She’s worked over the past decade in Appalachia on issues regarding mountain top removal. The Sierra Club has asked the Justice Department to file criminal charges against the lobbying firm.

DanWeiss is senior fellow, Center for American Progress Action Fund. He said that the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity has spent at least $40 million dollars in advertising this year in trying to convince people that clean coal is a panacea, and that no other steps are needed to try to reduce the effects of global warming.

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