Hillsborough School Board member responds to protests about Obama address

09/04/09 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:


Some parents are trying to prevent their children from hearing a speech by President Barack Obama in school. The president plans a nationwide address to school children next Tuesday. But Republican Party of Florida Chair Jim Greer is drumming up concerns that it is an effort to, quote, “spread President Obama’s socialist ideology.”

Today, WMNF spoke with Hillsborough School Board member April Griffin: “My reaction is that it needs to be shown, it needs to be discussed and we need to show respect for the office of the President.”

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The Republicans are waging psychological warfare. When anyone, and I mean anyone disagreed with ANY of the Bush policies, that person or organization was deemed UnAmerican and UnPatriotic. Now, since they lost the election by the largest LANDSLIDE since 1964, they want us to believe that anything President Obama does and anyone who supports them as UnAmerican and UnPatriotic. Oh, and socialist also!! Sounds like a Scooby Doo moment: "Huh?"

Reality, people!!!

This totally proves that Republicans EVER get back into the White House - AMERICAN IS SO DOOMED!!! The insanity of their so called ideals is more frightening than the imagination can produce!! The dems aren't exciting me right now, but the Right is without a doubt WRONG!!!