This past Sunday, 17-year-old Marquell McCullough was shot and killed by two police officers in on North 34th Street in St Petersburg. McCullough was black; according to some community advocates, it is the first time in 8 years the St Petersburg police killed a black man. The Police officers say they felt their lives were in danger when McCullough’s pick up truck rammed their cars to try to escape once McColloughs truck was cornered in a parking lot. They shot at McCullough 14 times. Members of the UHURU movement, a community group Africans with the goal of self-determination for black people, are calling the incident murder, comparing it to the killing of Tyron Lewis 8 years ago. Lewis death led to a long series of street demonstrations which led to policy and personnel changes in the police force. WMNF spoke with Sateesh Rogers, director of organization of The African peoples socialist party and a member of the UHURU movement.


Just Prior to this newscast, WMNF spoke with Darrel Rouson the president of the St Petersburg NAACP. Rousson met with Marquell McColloughs family today.


Coincidentally, this coming Monday, Tyrone Lewis’ case will be going to court; 8 years later, Lewis family is still seeking damages. Lewis sister will be at a meeting at the UHURU house in St Petersburg on Sunday at 4pm, where the community will discuss what to do about the death of Marquell McCullough. There are also plans for a march on Sunday at 1pm. For more information, call 727 452-7555.

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