Expanded Oil Drilling Within 3 to 10 Miles Of Florida's West Coast?

09/24/09 Robert Lorei
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There's a renewed effort to try to lift the ban on oil drilling close to Florida's coastline. The issue could be voted on when the legislature meets again(either in a possible special session this Fall or its regular session beginning next March.) Our guest, Craig Pittman, a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times, has recently written a series of articles about the renewed effort to drill off Florida's West Coast. He joins us now in the studios. FMI http://www.tampabay.com/news/environment/water/oil-drilling-off-floridas-coast-means-jobs-and-money-proponents-say/1037087

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Drilling for oil off the coast will not solve unemployment or state expenses. it will risk ruining the beaches and destroying the waterfront view. leave the oi in the ground and we will only grow richer and richer as oil rises in price.

Don't give an inch!

President Bush and Bill Nelson opened up thousands of square miles for oil drilling and none of the "land" has been drilled. Now Obama is agreeing to open up more "land" for drilling. And the Florida Legislature study found that the oil available is small in terms of the world economy. It could never change the oil and gasoline prices; it could never reduce our dependency on foreign oil; it will not produce many jobs in Florida; and the owners of the drilling companies and refineries are not in Florida so corporate income taxes will not be collected here either. There is really nothing but risk for Florida. There is no upside at all. How can any Floridian actually see any benefit to drilling near Florida? When will the relentless pressure ever end? Even if they spill oil and ruin our seafood supply/industry and tourism they will still want to drill. We should not give them ONE MORE INCH!