Participation Agreement between DOT and TBARTA

09/25/09 Seán Kinane
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The board of the region’s transportation authority met in a teleconference today. The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) approved a joint participation agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) which allows TBARTA’s remaining funds to be spent.

“It is our contract with the DOT for the use and expenditure of the $2 million that the Legislature had provided us. Our contract – they go on the DOT fiscal years – so our first contract had expired in June and we’ve been covered over this period but we needed to enact a new contract.”

The board passed the resolution to sign the contract, which will make TBARTA’s funding available from the Florida DOT “on a reimbursement basis,” according to Clifford.

“To date we’ve expended, out of that 2 million [dollars], $300,000, so the contract is for the remainder of that amount. It’s $1.687 million dollars. So that’s what we need to do – is the [Florida DOT] requires us, via resolution, to accept contract.”

Following the board meeting, the TBARTA board executive committee convened a strategy session to plan long-term priorities and actions. Clifford outlined four themes to clarify TBARTA’s goals and role in the region.

Clifford says who will operate the region’s transit systems and funding are also things TBARTA must consider for the future.

“[One TBARTA theme is the] issue of being an operator or implementer of facilities or systems within the region.”

The next TBARTA board meeting will be on Friday October 23rd at 9:30 am at the Florida DOT offices on north McKinley Drive in Tampa. One topic will be how the agency will spend its remaining funds.

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