Although the story involving the abuse of Iraqi Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison reached white lot levels of attention in the world media over the past week, the Pentagon said yesterday they had announced an investigation was taking place regarding such activities back in January.

And in fact, 2 months ago, in early March, journalist Jen Banbury, covering events for Salon. Com in Iraq, wrote the story, "Guatanamo on Steroids", about the complaints she was hearing from people near that infamous prison about conditions for detainees there.

On Monday, Salon reprinted her article.....WMNF spoke to Jen Banbury earlier today....We began by asking her about Abu Graib, a place which, in Banbury's

words, was where during Saddam Hussein's time that men disappeared....We asked her if symbolically, it might have been appropriate for the U.S. to have razed the prison during or after major combat operations ended last year, as powerful as symbol of Saddam Hussein reign of Terror as any statue of him ever was (roll tape#1 o.q."just to make the abuse stop")

That's journalist and author Jen Banbury, who visited the now infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.....Her piece,"Guatanamo on Steroids" was originally published in Salon.Com back in March, and was reprinted in Salon this past week.

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