Rally for health care reform

10/09/09 Joshua Lee Holton and Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

U2 is in concert tonight at Tampa’s pro football stadium, drawing thousands of fans, even hours before the gates open. Advocates for health care reform are taking advantage of the crowds to rally on the corner of Columbus and Dale Mabry until 8pm tonight. WMNF spoke with volunteer reporter Josh Holton, who was on the scene a short time ago.

Holton explained, "Well, I am down here on the corner of Columbus and Dale Mabry. There is a protest today outside Raymond James Stadium with everybody supporting the Public Option for health care. There is a Harvard study that suggests that 48,000 people die per year for no health care from preventative disease. Protesters from down here such as Doug Hickman from Reddington Shores suggest this is a civil rights issue considering the US is industrially developed. Hickman says we pay 140% of what Canadians pay per person. We are ranked 37th in thew world for health care, while Canadians are ranked 5th with 100% percent of their citizens covered. It is hard to tell how many people are out here protesting for health care seeing as there are thousands attending a U2 concert at the Stadium. But there are definitely plenty of people out there supporting the Public Option for health care. we have 45 million people in America who are not covered."

Josh Holton is a part time employee for FCAN.

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