INTRO: On Monday evening, the Zephyrhills City Council will vote to formally remove the Martin Luther King Jr. street signs from Sixth Avenue. The black community has protested for a ninth day today after the 3-2 vote was handed down on may 26th, effectively de-naming the street. WMNF’s Mark Antokas has this report. Roll Tape:

Script; Zephyrhills is a community which sorely needs to come to a resolution on the de-naming of sixth avenue. But stubborn heads yet prevail. Gregg Hilferding of Zephyrhills went to the internet after hearing of the City Council’s actions, punched in the city’s name and Martin Luther King, and came up with clean water, parachuting records, and a hate group. Roll Tape:

Hilferding started up a web page to educate and disemnate information on what was happening in his City. Roll Tape:

Zephyrhills City Councilwoman Elizabeth Geiger has served the city for twelve years, but because of her constant support of the MLK street name, she narrowly won re-election by just one vote. Roll Tape:

Lavaunne Miller is the chair of the Pasco County Democratic Executive Committee. Miller says the Democratic party will have an official position on the de-naming the street by Monday’s council meeting. Roll Tape:

Blanch Benford is the president of the Democratic Black Caucus in Pasco County. Benford and about thirty other protesters have demonstrated behind City Hall since the original vot rescinding the street name. They will continue until at least Monday’s council meeting. Roll Tape:

Gina King, a political newcomer elected by people who were in favor if the de-naming, jokes that the media has portrayed her as, “A poster child for the Arian Race� Gina King insists that there are many other ways to honor Martin Luther King in the community. Roll Tape:

All the “hoopla� over the street signs will be at Monday night’s meeting at the Zephyrhills City Hall at 6pm. All interested parties are urged to attend. Gregg Hilferdings webpage is: www. Better-zephyrhills.org. This is Mark Antokas for WMNF, radio news.

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