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11/24/09 Mark Anderson
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A press conference was held today at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg for the release of the 24th annual Trouble in Toyland report. The report provides details on toy safety, important to parents as the holiday season approaches.

The Florida Public Information Research Group, or PIRG authored the toy safety report. Florida PIRG’s director Brad Ashwell says that dangerous toys are still on shelves.

In 2008 congress passed the Consumer Product Improvement Act, tightening the regulation of various goods, including toys. The bill also stipulates fines and even jail time for violation of the standards.

The safety act just had its first anniversary. Safety and medical experts agree that while progress has been substantial, more needs to be done.

Many agree that there are two classes of risks in toys. The first is the use of dangerous materials in manufacturing, such as lead. The second is the age appropriate selection of toys to ensure that injuries aren’t caused by toys meant for older children.

In 2009, toy recalls reached a record 5.3 million, demonstrating the clout of the safety act. The experts assembled agree that more needs to be in enforcing the tighter toy manufacturing standards.

As the holiday season approaches, parents need to be extra careful in what they buy and what their children may receive as gifts.

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