Senator Bill Nelson's prescription amendment stalled

12/10/09 Tom Baur
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Today, Senator Bill Nelson’s office said the Democratic and Republican leaders on both sides of the aisle are unlikely to let his amendment to the health care reform bill come up for a vote.

Florida’s Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson has co-authored with North Dakota Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan an amendment to the health reform bill that would make it legal for Americans to buy low-cost prescription drugs from countries like Canada.

A few years ago, Senator Nelson’s office began to hear from his constituents about changes in the US government’s attitude towards Canadian prescriptions.

One couple from Mt Dora, John and Lee Eads, complained to Senator Nelson in 2006, that their Canadian prescriptions were confiscated.

Opponents of the amendment claim that getting drugs from Canada is unsafe.

The Florida Consumer Action Network Executive Director Bill Newton said his organization supports Senator Nelson’s amendment to the health care reform bill.

According to Bill Newton, Senator Nelson’s amendment may have a chance to come up again later if the overall health care reform bill passes.

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