Earlier this week Senator Bob Dole led a group of veterans in Tampa in a rally against John Kerry's presidential candidacy... several of the veterans criticized John Kerry for his protests of the Vietnam War, and for his criticism of the way the Bush administration is conducting the war... one critic - Republican Congressman Sam Johnston - was a prisoner of war for seven years in north Vietnam - Johnson said that by criticizing the way defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld is managing the war- senator Kerry is "giving aid and comfort to the enemy." Our guest was Jim Wasser. Mr. Wasser is from St. Anne, IL and served in Vietnam in the Navy as a Radioman on PCF-44 with Senator Kerry. Wasser was the second in command to Kerry on the 44 boat. He has traveled nation wide for Kerry trying to get a veterans veteran in the White House. Wasser is a strong backer of Kerry's and says his conduct in the war was courageous and showed the future senator to be a strong leader.

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