Tampa Bay Water Board meeting updates the reservoirs renovation status

12/14/09 Lauren Martinez
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The largest reservoir in Florida was supposed to be the standard for future reservoirs. However, interior cracks appeared on the surface of the $140 million facility just one year after completion in 2005. During today’s Tampa Bay Water board meeting, members hashed out details on how to repair the reservoir.

John Kennedy, the Tampa Bay Water Engineer and Project Manager for the renovation project updated the reservoir's status. Originally they were in contract with the National Research Council, but in October they substituted the consensus-based peer review proposal with the Association of State Dam and Safety Officials’ peer review workshops.

“Staff has reviewed the workshop format approach and agrees that a workshop format approach will be an inappropriate peer review for this project, however, we believe that it is more cost effective to self administer a workshop based peer review. This will allow us to get the benefit of the peer review on schedule and at a lower overall cost.”

The peer review panel will include three to five engineers, at least one owner or regulator of dams or levies and at least one panelist from academia. Kennedy says workshops begin in January of 2010.

"The pool of peer review candidates include both word-of-mouth and also using the roster of the Association of State Dam and Safety Officials which has nearly 3,000 individual and corporate members.”

They propose to start contacting potential candidates early next year. The $2 million short term repairs completed in June allows time for the team to work on getting the facility operational again. The next Tampa Bay Water board meeting is February 15th.

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