Syn gas and caring for the dead

12/14/09 Jon Butts
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Our first guest was Lisa Carlson, author of “Caring for the Dead” a great source of information on sustainability at the end of life, including everything you need to know about state regulations, body donations, problems with pre-pay funerals, and how to make the best choice for our loved ones and ourselves. The book is presently out of print, but she is updating it and should have a new addition out this coming year. Lisa is also the founder and available for help at Funeral Ethics.

Next up we had Greg David, a farmer in Wisconsin and member of Sustain Jefferson, a group all about sustainability and more. For the last three years they’ve been working on SynGas Generators, a very efficient, clean way to create fuel from wood chips and other bio-fuels. Greg did get a little technical at times, but truly understood all aspects of sustainable living. This would be my pick for Sustainable Living program of the year!

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