Naomi Klein on class war nonviolence and climate justice in Copenhagen

12/15/09 Kelly Benjamin and Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

Activists are gearing up to shut down the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen tomorrow. Last night, WMNF reporter Kelly Benjamin recorded Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein speaking in the Freetown Christiana, an autonomously-governed squatted neighborhood in Copenhagen.

Much of the discussion in Christiania last night revolved around planning for the massive protests intent on shutting down the climate talks tomorrow. This is German activist Tadzio Mueller.

Afterwards, Naomi Klein voiced concerns that police clashes with protesters, which led to over 1400 arrests last weekend in Copenhagen, are overshadowing the big picture there. Klein pleaded with activists to remain non-violent in the face of police aggression.

Shortly after Naomi Klein spoke last night, a small group of protesters again clashed with police just outside Christiania. This time the police used tear gas and arrested another 200 people.

WMNF’s Kelly Benjamin hopes to continue reporting for us throughout the week from Copenhagen unless he is swept up in a mass arrest.

Copenhagen video from Kelly Benjamin

more video

video of police beating protesters

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