Hillsborough Commissioners Grill Administrator Pat Bean

12/16/09 Kate Bradshaw
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This morning was probably one of the toughest Hillsborough County Administrator Pat Bean has faced. With County Commissioner Mark Sharpe calling for her resignation and other commissioners delivering lengthy and pointed criticisms of her job performance the handful of TV news cameras probably didn’t make it any easier. In the end, the commission voted to keep her on until her contract expires in two years. Commissioner Sharpe, who cast the only ‘no’ vote, said that it was time for new leadership.

In his written evaluation of her performance, Sharp called Bean’s handling of the County budget unimaginative. Today he said some county programs may have received unnecessary cuts.

Only two other commissioners –Rose Ferlita and Kevin Beckner – completed written evaluations of Bean. Both had their criticisms, but said they believed she should stay. Ferlita read part of her detailed written evaluation out loud.

Bean, who has worked for the county for 30 years and under her current title for six, defended her performance with a long list of her successes, including what amounts to an excellent credit score for the county.

She said that, in order for her to carry out her job description, which carries an annual salary of 254 thousand dollars, she needs more streamlined direction from the Board of County Commissioners

Bean later said that she typically works at least twelve hours each day, and has been devoted much of her life to serving Hillsborough County.

Sharpe was not pleased with his colleagues’ decision.

The commission decided to keep her on with the conditions that she undergo quarterly evaluations, and can present the board with a measurable vision for the remainder of her time in office.

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