Obama encourages program for saving funds

12/21/09 Seán Kinane
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Today President Barack Obama said his administration has identified $17 billion in cost savings through scaling back or ending federal programs. He handed out the first SAVE Award to a Veterans Affairs Department employee from Colorado. SAVE stands for "Securing Americans Value and Efficiency."

Obama: *“We’ve already begun to implement a host of suggestions made through the SAVE contest. And while promoting electronic pay stubs or scheduling Social Security appointments online or re-purposing unused government supplies may not be the most glamorous reforms in history, when taken together, these small changes can add up; they add up to a transformation of how government works.*

*“And that’s why we’re going to turn the SAVE Award into an annual event. That’s why we’re holding a forum at the White House next month to seek more ideas from the private sector, specifically about how we can better use technology to reform our government for the 21st century.”*

Obama says the changes his administration is implementing have saved a total of $19 billion so far this year.

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You can't be serious

Obama speaking of saving money and ending federal programs ??????? What a joke. His actions are incongruent with his words. Hurry up 2012.