The internet is abuzz with messages about a nationwide boycott of gasoline to be held tomorrow, May 20th. The letter circulating tells people that if they don’t buy gas, it will show the oil companies that Americans are seriously fed up with the rising of gas, and they will lower prices as a result. There is no organized group claiming responsibility for the boycott, and so-called experts are saying it wont amount too much. WMNF asked Tampa residents who buy gasoline what they thought of the boycott idea. None of them had heard anything about it


At the XXX station on MLK and Nebraska, gas cost 1.99 for a gallon of regular gas, and 2.19 for supreme.


When asked for solutions to the rising cost of gas, there was no mention of alternative sources of energy. ACTS

Jason owns the gas station on MLK and Nebraska, as well as two others around town, but he says he has no idea how the price of gas is set. ACT

For more information about the boycott, surf around the internet and see what you can find…

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