Alex Sink ready for 2010 election season

12/23/09 Joshua Lee Holton
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2009 is almost over, and that means election season will be coming up in less than a year. With Governor Charlie Crist running for Mel Martinez’s vacated seat in the Senate, the Florida gubernatorial race is just heating up as candidates compete for his position.

The gap in the polls is tightening up as democrat Alex Sink draws ever closer to republican opponent Bill McCollum who now leads Sink 44-39%. That’s a drop from his 11 point lead in October’s Rassmussen polls. Although the Democrat’s campaign is showing improvement, Sink said she’s not concerned about the numbers just yet. Sink also faces republican Paula Dockery, a Florida Senator from Lakeland.

In October, Sink sent out a press release that her campaign has raised a total of four million dollars, with almost a third of that from the most recent fundraising quarter of 2009. Sink is confident in her fundraising progress thus far.

As the state’s Chief Financial Officer, Sink promises to invest the budget efficiently.

Bill McCollum has recently criticized Sink’s background as President of Bank of America’s Florida Branch. Sink’s campaign manager Paul Dunn dismissed the allegations, calling McCollum “one of the most anti-consumer, anti-homeowner politicians Washington's seen in a long time.”

Governor Charlie Crist said last October that he would support offshore drilling if it were done in a way that protects Florida’s beaches. But many Floridians don’t want to risk the coastal ecology or the tourism industry for short term energy solutions. Sink considers offshore drilling in Florida to potentially be a blow to tourism.

If elected next November, Sink would become Florida’s first female governor.

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