Harvey Wasserman on Nuclear Power; and Michael Robbins Editor of the WHOLE GREEN CATALOG

12/22/09 Robert Lorei
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In this program we'll hear two interviews about the environment. Harvey Wasserman is a long time proponent of safe energy and anti-nuclear activist. He is very concerned about plans to build four new nuclear power plants in Florida.

Harvey Wasserman’s latest book is SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH which can be found at HarveyWasserman.com, along with A GLIMPSE OF THE BIG LIGHT: LOSING PARENTS, FINDING SPIRIT, and HARVEY WASSERMAN’S HISTORY OF THE US.

Our other guest is John Robbins, editor of THE WHOLE GREEN CATALOG. As interest in living a sustainable life has grown, so has the green marketplace. It's tough to distinguish companies providing truly eco-friendly products and services from those that are “greenwashed.” The WHOLE GREEN CATALOG has convened thought leaders in every category, from cars and appliances to clothing and children’s toys; from pets and beauty products to travel and food, to share their authoritative tips, reviews, and advice.

MICHAEL ROBBINS is former editor-in-chief of Audubon magazine, contributing editor to Mother Jones and has written articles for publications including National Geographic, Rolling Stone, New York, Discover and Popular Science. He lives in Leesburg, Virginia.

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