As hundreds of same-sex couples lined up in Massachusetts to say their vows, 7 couples came to the Hillsborough county Courthouse to file applications for marriages license. They came knowing they would be denied the right to marry, but they wanted to make an example. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer has the story

Reverend Phyllis Hunt is with the Metropolitan community Church, she was trying to marry her girlfriend Dilia Corvison.

ACT ‘We need this right so that…�

Clifton Wright was attempting to marry his partner Thomas.


Going through the metal detectors at the courthouse, the brides and grooms to be seemed happy and excited.

ACT “Mom I’m at the courthouse…�

But after filling out forms, which asked for the names of both a bride and a groom, each couple was rejected by county employees.

ACT “I need both your drivers license please…im sorry…no we can not …�

Monique was hoping to marry her girlfriend Laura

ACT They treat us like murderers or like we have a disease..I know its getting to kids, its harder for them to come out.

ACT “They get our licenses why can’t we get ours?… “Were not trying to push anything on anybody..when this is aired I could lose my job..��

The staff inside the courthouse would not comment on their personal opinions in regard to gay marriage.

ACT “This is a copy of the Florida statutes…can we see him…

One opposite sex couple, who were getting a marriage license themselves, disagreed about the issue of same sex marriage.

ACTS “Its wrong “Whatever floats their boat�

Outside the courthouse there were two people protesting gay marriage, they said they felt it is against gods will for people of the same sex to be together.

ACT ‘As a born again child of god..we should have freedom.. ‘I'm not coming against…why do you think theres so much was I �

The Metropolitan Community Church says they will be organizing more public protests until gay people are allowed to marry and adopt children in the state of Florida

For WMNF news, I’m Andrew Stelzer

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