Earlier this week, Attorneys for Florida Elections officials told a Federal Judge that South Florida Congressman Robert Wexler's federal lawsuit over touch-screen voting machines is helping foster doubts about the upcoming election and is shaking people's faith in the new voting machines.

George Waas, an Assistant State Attorney General representing Secretary of State Glen Hood, said, "They have created a fear mentality based on no facts, based on isolated situations."

The attorneys spent more than an hour discussing their case to U.S. District Judge James Coh, who is considering motions to dismiss Wexler's Federal lawsuit against Hood, Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Teresa La Pore, and Indian River County Elections Supervisor Kay Chem.

Wexler wants the touch-screen machines to be equipped with ballot printers once such machinery is certified and ready for use.

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson has consistently disagreed with Congressman Wexler- and countless other critics, who fear that the lack of a paper trail for the electronic voting machines could be critical....

In the 1st of a 2 part interview, WMNF sat down with Buddy Johnson today - and asked him, does he believe that Congressman Wexler's lawsuit is helping foster doubts about the upcoming election?

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That's Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections, Buddy Johnson......We'll have the 2nd part of our interview with him tomorrow night.........Yesterday afternoon the State's Division of Elections confirmed that there are 47,000 voters who need to be scrolled from the Voting Rolls because they are listed as felons.....In Hillsborough County, that number is 3,545......We'll talk to Buddy Johnson about questions the ACLU has forwarded to him and all of the state's other County Supervisors of Election...And we'll have that for you tomorrow night... .

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