New Year's Resolutions

01/04/10 Carol L. Roberts, M.D.
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Tired of the last decade? Want to start fresh? Try remaking yourself. Give yourself a year, one resolution a month, one month at a time.

2010 New Year’s Resolutions

January CLEAN YOUR CUPBOARDS – get rid of the junk food. Give it to a homeless shelter, a church or use it to make compost. REPLACE WITH REAL FOOD, that is, food as it comes from Nature, without preservatives, coloring or artificial flavorings.

February START AN EXERCISE PROGRAM – Use a trainer, consider it tuition. Learn the right way so you don’t hurt yourself. Start where you are, not where you were in high school or where you think you ought to be. Maybe get a cardiologist’s or your family doctor’s evaluation first. Go to a doctor who exercises. You’ll be able to tell when you look at them.

March LEARN WHAT RELAXATION FEELS LIKE – meditation is the best, but if you can’t sit still, do yoga or Tai Chi. You need to give yourself a break from frantic activity to regenerate your nervous system. Adrenal glands, neurotransmitters, your muscles and your mind all need rest. Take a warm bath some nights, with Epsom salts. Get a good night’s sleep.

April INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO NATURE. Find a beach, a river, a wooded park, and go there regularly. Watch how it changes through the year. Observe the wildlife. Learn about the local plants and animals. Take a camera or a diary. Spend time listening to the sounds, smell the smells. Start a garden..

May PUT SOME MORE LOVE IN YOUR LIFE. No complications, just pure love. If you’re ready, find a mate, a new friend, a companion. If you’re not trusting of humans, take baby steps. Volunteer to teach a child, be a Big Sibling, go to a homeless shelter once a week, or work for Meals on Wheels. Get a puppy from the pound, save a life. Love yourself more by doing more of the previous months’ suggestions.

June IMPROVE YOUR WORK SITUATION. If you hate your job, take a different approach. Pretend you’re Eddie Murphy in Coming to America, where he’s really a prince disguised as a floor sweeper in a fast food joint. Change your attitude, or change your job. Invent an activity that you can parlay into cash. It may become the next great business! Do something you’re passionate about or become passionate about what you dol. Make your work work for you.

July BEGIN TO PAY ATTENTION TO ASTRAL PHENOMENA. Know what phase is the moon as the month goes along. Learn what each phase is good for (Almanacs are good for that) and especially how does it affect you. Have your astrological chart done by a competent astrologer. Learn how the stars affect you.

August CONTACT SOMEONE YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IN A LONG TIME. Summer is a great time to get away from the heat. Go visit someone you knew up North. Make up with that pesky relative. Look up someone from school and trade stories. You never know who they’ve become or what they can teach you. Remember, everyone you meet, whether you like them or not, is a teacher for you.

September If you haven’t gotten the results from your new eating and exercise program, FIND OUT WHY. You may have hidden food allergies, you may not be absorbing food properly, your program may need tweaking. TAKE A GOOD MULTIVITAMIN AND FISH OR FLAX OIL CAPSULE EVERY DAY. Review your progress.

October CLEAN YOUR CLOSETS OF SKELETONS. Get your addictions under control, whether it’s spending money, eating a holdover food that you think you can’t let go, or taking drugs. Get some counseling. Literally clean your closets of old, unwanted stuff, it will help you clean the cobwebs from your mind and get rid of unwanted habits.

November HAVE MORE FUN. Go on a cruise, go out dancing, play more with your kids or grandkids or pets. Have a party, invite all your friends. Ask them to bring something, so you can have fun and not do all the work.

December Congratulate yourself on a year well spent. LOOK FOR SOMETHING NEW you would like to learn, - a language, a musical instrument. Sign up for a course next semester, Grow in ways you may never have thought about. Stay at your best by challenging yourself in this way. Get ready for 2011!

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