Responses to Supreme Court reversal of corporate election spending ban

01/26/10 Robert Lorei
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On today's show we'll discuss last Thursday's decision by the US Supreme Court granting freedom to corporations to spend money on behalf of candidates during an election.

Last Thursday, the US Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on independent corporate expenditures in Citizen's United v FEC. Before Citizens United, corporations were not allowed to spend money from their general treasuries to call for the election or defeat of federal candidates close to Election Day, even if they did so without consulting with the candidate. In striking down the federal ban, the Supreme Court overruled two of its decisions: Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce, decided in 1990, and McConnell v. FEC, decided less than 7 years ago.

We're joined by Jeff Milchen, Co-founder of American Independent Business Alliance. He's a member of the Free Speech For People coalition that is working to respond to last week's Supreme Court decision.

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