Birds and Native Plants

02/08/10 Jon Butts
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Our special guests on the Sustainable Living program were Ann Paul, the Tampa Bay Regional Coordinator for Audubon of Florida, and Troy Springer, president of the Suncoast Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society.

Ann talked about a few of our local birds that are looking for homes and how humans have changed their environment, creating the need of our help in putting up artificial bird houses. Bluebirds and Southeastern American Kestrels, several types of owls, plus many other birds Ann mentioned were those that need their boxes cleaned and inspected before nesting.

Troy talked about the importance of native plants and their benefits to wildlife in our area. He's also the owner of Springer Environmental, a local native plant landscape company.

The Florida Native Plant Society has chapters through-out the state, and so does the Audubon Society. Most of these Chapters have monthly meetings. See and

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