Florida Business Network for a Clean Energy Economy wants federal legislation

02/11/10 Seán Kinane
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Members of the business community in Florida recently traveled to Washington, D.C. to push for climate legislation, including a cap on carbon pollution and a market to trade emissions. They have joined with other businesses across the state to form the Florida Business Network for a Clean Energy Economy.

Susan Glickman with Natural Resources Defense Council says their goal is to lobby Florida’s U.S. Senators to support climate and energy legislation.

According to the president of Cambean Hospitality hotels, Brian Scheinblum, the urgency of passing climate legislation is especially profound in Florida.

Mark Milligan, the president of the forestry services company LandMark Systems, says his clients would be helped by getting certainty in the carbon market.

Santiago Cueto is the founder of the Cueto Law Group in south Florida. He says carbon credits represent a $150 billion market worldwide. Cueto thinks his firm is the first business to accept payments in carbon credits.

The House passed energy legislation last year, but it is stalled in the Senate.

Florida Business Network for a Clean Energy Economy

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Way to Go

Go Florida businesses! Cap and trade will increase national security, create jobs and make a healthier world for our kids. Thanks

You're Misinformed

Cap-n-Trade will dramatically increase the cost of most everything in America through high energy taxes. Small businesses will go under and large industries will have just another reason to move off-shore taking jobs with them.