Atheists Call For An End To Official Prayers At Tampa City Council Meetings

02/17/10 Robert Lorei
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For several weeks now the atheists of Florida have been calling on the Tampa City Council to abolish its practice of government-sponsored prayer at the start of each council meeting. The group says "that government should be strictly neutral, neither advocating nor discouraging any religious expressions."

We're joined now by three members of the group-- which will again press the issue at tomorrow's Tampa City Council meeting. They are:

John Kieffer, President Rob Curry, Executive Director Matt Cooper, Webcast News Director

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I cannot believe you gave airtime to this minority. They do not represent my beliefs and neither do you. The minority instead of the majority has dictated public policy for far to long. I will not support your station and have cancelled my membership.

petition for divine intervention

I did not hear the entire program, but I have one thought in regards to atheist being upset about the city council or any other public meeting opening in prayer. If there is no God (as the atheist believes), then what is the problem? If there is no God then they are praying to no one. I have served on councils in several schools and know from experience that not every meeting opens in prayer. If the one leading the meeting decides to open in prayer it is usually very quick and to the point. The prayer is about asking for God’s guidance as the meeting progresses. Now if there is no God to guide us, then why object. If there really is a God, then wouldn’t a petition for divine intervention be a good idea? I personally believe in God and I have accepted Christ as my Savior. I believe the rights of the people cannot be taken away by the few who choose to not believe.