The Oath Keepers: Constitutional Protectors or Nascent Fascists?

02/23/10 Robert Lorei
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There's a new movement in this country calling on soldiers and police to ignore unconstitutional orders. The group believes the Obama administration could try to impose martial law. The movement is the cover story to this month's Mother Jones Magazine, and we'll talk with the reporter on the piece in the second part of today's program.

In the current edition of Mother Jones Magazine, the cover story, called "Age of Treason," looks at a group called The Oath Keepers. If you watched coverage of the conservative political action convention this past weekend, you might have seen mention of this group. It's a so-called "Patriot Group," which is recruiting soldiers to resist what it fears the Obama administration will do in the future. The Author of the story, Justine Sharrock, joins us now.

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