USF St. Pete environmental activist lobbies Senators in DC

03/01/10 Seán Kinane
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Megan Demchar is a student majoring in environmental science and policy at the University of South Florida at St. Petersburg who has taken environmental activism to a new level. She recently won a contest that gave her the opportunity to lobby senators in Washington, D.C., about climate change.

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Way To Go Megan!

Keep up the great work. Clearly now is the time for the public to call for comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation and you are leading that charge among students in the Tampa Bay Area. Thank you for leading us!


It's because of dedicated people such as yourself that the voices of the American people are being heard. It's crucial that our legislators here from us as often as possible and I thank you for your dedication and support on this important issue.

Congrat's Megan

Saw your name and thought I would that send a note telling you that Grandpa and I admire your tenacity and and am pleased that you are taking an interest in the world around you. You go, Girl

1 year later

Megan: it is good to see you take an interest in the world around you, but don't be suckered in by those egg heads in college who fill your heads with mush. What happened to your campaigning for Ron Paul? You were so much smarter then and had ALL the answers. God blessed you with a very smart mind, use it to practice tolerence and good works. We still have love for you and Jenny, just give us a chance.....Grandma loves you!