Planning the future of mass transit in Pinellas County

03/18/10 Robert Lorei
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Yesterday the Hillsborough County Commission approved language for the November ballot that will ask citizens whether they want to raise the countywide sales tax by a penny on the dollar. The money would be used for transportation- roughly $0.75 for mass transit and 25% for road improvements. Frank Hibbard, the mayor of Clearwater spoke to the county commissioners about the importance of their decision.

Whether or not voters will approve the tax remains to be seen. But if Hillsborough builds a light rail system it will be the first step in a projected 7-county system of light rail linking Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Pasco, Polk and Hernando counties. This coming Monday morning there’s a transit summit meeting in Pinellas County at which our next two guests will be making presentations on the future of transit in Pinellas County- the most densely populated county in our state. Our guests are Karen Williams Seel who is the chair of the Pinellas County Commission, and Tim Garling, Executive Director of the Pinellas Transit Authority.

Monday, March 22nd 7:30AM-10AM; Hilton Carillon Park; 950 Lake Carillon Drive, St. Pete

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Id like to see transit improve

I know Tampa planned on improving their transit or are still trying to. Pinellas being the densest though should try to do it. How can transit work in St Pete though? Would they set up through downtown? I would say so since I saw a few tracks around there before. I could see a train heading past 4th st n. I think it will take some time but Tampa Bays transit will be better all the way around.