Commissioner Mark Sharpe speaks to Hillsborough Planning Commission

03/18/10 Rob Piccirillo
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“Patton was a great planner! And a do-er.” That’s what Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe says in his transit presentation called, ‘The Blueprint.’ WMNF’s Rob Piccirillo reports.

Yesterday the county commission approved language for a transit tax referendum that could go on November’s ballot. One of its supporters, Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe, spoke this afternoon to the Hillsborough Planning Commission.

Sharpe says he supports the referendum that will spring light rail construction into action. Sharpe says the referendum is an opportunity for Hillsborough citizens to address the county’s transportation shortfalls by investing in road improvements, a dramatically enhanced bus system and a light rail system that will connect the USF area to Downtown, Westshore and through the airport.

Sharpe says Hillsborough is a big county with a lot of failed roads, a county that has grown fast without a vision or a plan. Sharpe urged the planners not to worry about selling the entire 7-county TBARTA Master Plan, although it sounds good. He says the planning commission just needs to focus on Hillsborough’s referendum.

The next ‘Third Thursday’ will be held on April 15th from noon to 1p.m. Its guest speaker will be Peter Kageyama of Creative Cities Productions.

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