INTRO:With insurance rates skyrocketing in Florida, some are wondering why home and auto rates are tied into, among other considerations, your credit health. Those with good credit scores pay less in insurance premiums. The insurance industry maintains that this is a good thing in that it brings down rates for most. WMNF’s Mark Antokas has this report:

SCRIPT: According to CNBC, the national average for uninsured motorists is at fourteen percent. Florida is at Twenty percent. Talk to any agent in the bay area and they say upt to fifty percent of drivers are under insured. Bodily injury protection is not required to licence your car, leaving many under insured. WMNF spoke to “Jayne�, an agent in the Bay Area, who preferred not to be identified further. Roll Tape:

Sam Miller is the Exutive Vice President of the Florida Insurance Council. Miller spoke on whether the credit damaged were discriminated against. Roll Tape:

Miller said the rates in south Florida are higher because of fraud. Roll Tape:

Somehow the stated numbers of uninsured numbers don’t seem to add up. Again Sam Miller of the Florida Insurance Council. Roll Tape:

Ryan Preist is in charge of corporate relations for Allstate’s Florida region. Companies such as allstate are considered “Standard� companies, as opposed to “Substandard� such as Florida No-Fault. Ryan Preist: Roll Tape:

WMNF spoke with some Bay Area motorists on coverage and costs. Roll Tape:

SOCK OUT: If you are considering applying for insurance or renewing, and have a bad credit score to contend with, consider steering away from the big companies, and shop around for smaller carriers. Ask the question, do you consider credit scores in you rates. If you are a current customer who’s rates have been set by credit scoring, you can request your agent re-evaluate your scores. By law you can do this once every two years. This is Mark Antokas for WMNF, radio news.

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