Atheists Not Happy With Council Prayer Vote

03/18/10 Kate Bradshaw
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

The question over whether the Tampa City Council should stop praying before each meeting came to a head this morning. The council unanimously adopted an informal resolution to continue reciting prayer at the beginning of each meeting.

The debate that has raged at 315 East Kennedy Blvd. for countless meetings brought out preachers and atheists, who would have their say during public comment. At times the debate morphed into a theological discussion, with Christian leaders insisting on God’s existence. Atheists say that misses the point. All they want is a moment of silence. But today, council members said enough was enough. Council member John Dingfelder said it was time to move on.

The atheists were not pleased. John Kieffer, president of Atheists of Florida, said that one’s beliefs should be kept to his or her self in a government setting.

Jason Rodriguez, another atheist who spoke at the meeting, said that government’s stance on the prayer issue, may have more to do with this being an election year.

Rodriguez said that this isn’t over, and they’ll continue to testify at City Hall on their right to have their existential views acknowledged.

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