Professor Darryl Paulson weighs in on Crist/Rubio debate

03/29/10 Lisa Marzilli
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday | Listen to this entire show:

Darryl Paulson is Professor Emeritus of Government at USF St. Petersburg. He felt that both Rubio and Crist scored points in the debate but didn’t think there was a clear winner. He added that it would behoove both candidates to keep negativity in check, especially Crist, who he said should focus instead on the improvements he’s brought to the state as Governor.

Although money is still very much on Charlie Crist’s side, having raised around $9 million dollars to Rubio’s $3 million, Paulson said it is mitigated by a couple of factors.

Paulson also said based on Florida’s political system that people shouldn’t read too much into Crist’s pledge on Fox News Sunday that he will not switch parties before the April 30th qualifying deadline.

As late as October Crist was polling safely above the 50 percent mark but some of the latest polls have him down by almost 30 points. Paulson says if Crist continues his run as a Republican, with numbers like these he’ll be forced to change his strategy – something that may not work for him.

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