Donna Brazile, Chair of the Democratic National Committee's Voting Rights Institute, has issued a challenge to Governor Jeb Bush to verify every single name contained on Floridas 2000 and 2004 list of felons ineligible to vote, or to prohibit counties from using the lists at all. Several county election supervisors have already said they will not use the list supplied by the state because they do not trust it to be accurate; in response, governor Bush has reminded them of their legal obligation to make sure no convicted felons are allowed to vote. The governor claims that this years lists is much better than the one distributed in 2000. Florida was pushed into the national spotlight after that election, in part due to a book written by BBC journalist Greg Palast, titled “the best democracy money can buy� which portrayed Florida’s felons list as part of an effort to keep black voters from voting. WMNF spoke with Greg Palast on Wednesday, heres part one of-a two part interview.


That was BBC journalist and Greg Palast; he will soon be publishing an updated version of his book, ‘the best democracy money can buy�. Well hear part two of the two-part interview tomorrow evening. You can read about the continuing purge of Felons from Florida’s voting rolls at

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