Republican National Convention eyes Tampa

03/29/10 Kelly Benjamin
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday | Listen to this entire show:

The Republican National Convention Site Selection Committee is in Tampa this week evaluating Tampa's bid for the 2012 Republican Convention. This morning the committee toured Channelside as local businessmen and Republican activists tried to sway the committee with free food and drinks to pick Tampa for their next convention site. WMNF spoke with Republican activist Mickeal Penson about Tampa's bid.

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Barbarians at the gate

Ok folks, tune in for the same Tampa GOP that whine whenever a student gets a pencil to do work to expect lavish taxpayer-funded bribes to land this convention. If we land it, expect traffic delays, security roadblocks, and general harassment by police and rent-a-cops. But most of all, expect the same tea-baggers who nake the news to find a warm welcome from our own local wackos, and make sure that CNN gets it all on camera! Imagine them showing off our huge Confederate flag, as well as some teabaggers saluting it! Imagine them getting busted in the strip clubs, or perhaps even in Ybor, after all, it is the GOP types that wind up getting caught in Men's rooms. And we won't even begin to get into the schools. Those portables will make fine, fine shots, aswellas the paint peeling because the GOP loves to let public schools ROT. In short,expect Tampa's own native bit of Right-wing slime to bubble to the surface, making sure that any company looking at this would go "why the H-LL would I locate any jobs THERE?"