Should Florida lift the ban on gay adoption?

03/31/10 Robert Lorei
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For 33 years the State of Florida has banned adoptions by gay or lesbian couples. This year, as in the eight previous years, a South Florida legislator, Mary Brandenburg, has introduced legislation in Tallahassee to end the ban. And this year in Tallahassee, as in past years, the proposal is not expected to get much of a hearing from politicians.

We have two guests today who are working to end the ban on gay adoption. Cathy James is the non-biological mother of a ten year old son that she co-parents with her partner of 15 years. And Shelbi Day is an attorney with the Tampa office of the ACLU.

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Love and support

YES, we should lift the ban on gay adoption ! Being a good parent has much more to do with qualities other than whether or not the parents are of the same or different sexes.