Wikileaks releases video of 2007 US massacre in Iraq

04/05/10 Seán Kinane
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Today the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks released a classified video from the U.S. military that shows the killing of over a dozen people in a suburb of Baghdad in July 2007. Two news employees from Reuters were among those killed by the U.S. during the video shot from an Apache helicopter.

“Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.”

“Oh, yeah, look at those dead bastards.”

In the nearly three years since the attack, Reuters has been using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the video from the U.S. government, but they have been unsuccessful. In the footage, a U.S. helicopter fires on a small crowd of people, including the two Reuters staff, who appear unarmed. After that attack, who the video labels as one Reuters employee, Saeed Chmagh, is injured and is seen crawling away.

“One-Eight, we also have one individual, uh, appears to be wounded trying to crawl away.”

“Roger, we're gonna move down there.”

“Roger, we'll cease fire.”

“Yeah, we won't shoot anymore.”

“He's getting up.”

“Maybe he has a weapon down in his hand?”

“No, I haven't seen one yet.”

“I see you guys got that guy crawling right now on that curb.”

“Yeah, I got him. I put two rounds [30mm cannon shells] near him, and you guys were shooting over there too, so uh we'll see.”

Later a van approaches and men try to carry away injured people, including Chmagh. But as the injured are being loaded into the van, U.S. forces fire on it and it is blown several yards away.

Note: we have deleted longer periods of silence and altered an expletive.

“Come on, let us shoot!”

“Bushmaster; Crazyhorse One-Eight.”

“They're taking him.”

“Bushmaster; Crazyhorse One-Eight.”

“This is Bushmaster Seven, go ahead.”

“Roger. We have a black SUV-uh Bongo truck [van] picking up the bodies. Request permission to engage.”


“This is Bushmaster Seven, roger. This is Bushmaster Seven, roger. Engage.”

“One-Eight, engage.”


“Come on!”



“We're engaging.”

Two children inside the van were seriously wounded, but in a conversation recorded on the tape, soldiers were denied the opportunity to take the children to a military hospital

“Roger, that's a negative on the evac of the two, ah, civilian, ah, kids to, ah, rusty they're going to have the IPs [Iraqi Police] link up. They can put us over here. Break. IPs will take them up to a local hospital over.”

“Copy over.”

Wikileaks says it has confirmed the authenticity of the video through several people involved in the attack, but it does not know who leaked the video.

Transcript according to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks video: Collateral Murder

transcript of video from Wikileaks

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You Better Think

I know there are some of you think oh why but if you have to ask why it is because you do not understand the true evil living in you safe places. The world can be an ugly place and many good people die on both side just remember one thing 3000+ people died 9-11 and never saw it coming...........

yes, you better think

i respect your right to comment as well, but about 300 times more people have been killed in the Middle East as died in the 9/11 attacks, so....