Today was the second day of public service commission hearings regarding possible unfair bidding and pricing practices by Tampa electric. Despite requests by consumers to have the hearing held in Tampa, they took place in Tallahassee. TECO has coal brought across the gulf of mexico by boat; and last year, they resigned a contract with TECO transport, Another subsidiary of TECO. CSX coal claims they submitted a lower bid, but instead of following a proper bidding process, Tampa electric chose TECO transport a company from their own corporate family to do the work, and consumer groups are arguing that Tampa electric passed on higher prices to their customers to pay for the transport. Heres a lawyer for CSX coal questioning a Tampa electric staff representative


Walter dartland represents the consumer federation of the southeast, his group was instrumental in campaining the PSC to hold the hearing looking into TECO’s bidding process and pricing. WMNF spoke to dartland this afternoon, during a break in the hearings, which according to Dartland, may go longer than the two days which were planned.


That was Walter Dartland of the consumer federation of the Southeast. Again, the public service commission hearings looking into unfair bidding and pricing process by Tampa electric will continue at a later date, not all of the witnesses had an opportunity to testify.

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