Crist vetoes controversial teacher bill SB 6

04/15/10 Seán Kinane
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Shortly after noon today, Governor Charlie Crist vetoed Senate Bill 6, a controversial education bill that would have tied teacher pay and evaluations to student scores on standardized tests.

Crist said several issues of concern led him to veto.

There was a huge backlash against SB 6 before and after it was passed last Thursday. That includes students walking out of classes, teachers calling in sick, and rallies across the state. Crist acknowledged he was influenced by the bill’s opponents.

Crist is running for U.S. Senate, but according to many recent polls, he trails former state house Speaker Marco Rubio in the Republican primary. His veto of SB 6, which was supported by many Republicans in the Legislature and by former Governor Jeb Bush, is sure to anger conservatives. Crist has until April 30th to decide whether to pull out of that primary and run as an independent instead. But he insists the decision to veto had nothing to do with politics.

Crist’s letter to Secretary of State on veto of SB 6

video of news conference

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Thank god he came to his senses, and in support of education. If you want to change things up, this is NOT the way. Now, I must work on getting Rep John Legg and his cronies OUT. They have wasted time and money, and not listened to the people, who they serve!