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04/26/10 Doris Norrito
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We have to understand we’re in the Middle of World War III. So far, the only one that doesn’t get it is the White House.

Bob Kunst spoke to a group of Israel supporters beside the statue of the World War II sailor kissing his sweetheart. The rally was to show love and support for America and Israel, and against the Obama politics threatening to divide Jerusalem and Israel.

We have an Islamic-Nazi movement out there that has to be dealt with, and we have got to stop playing games on what’s going on. … The Mufti of Jerusalem, before the war, was aligned with Hitler. PLO, Arafat, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood—all of this crop is an extension of that Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem. You have to understand that. And their commitment is not for two states; their commitment is only one state.

Pam Wilder is Jewish. Her son and family have settled in the West Bank city of Hebron. Thirteen great-grandchildren currently live there.

And people say to me, “How can you live? Don’t you worry every minute of every single day?” And I have to take the same attitude that my son and the family hav: God will protect them. He wants them there, and so he will protect them. And so I don’t worry about them.

Kunst said he intends to run for Congress. He summarized his reasons to run as an independent.

Our covenant with God is five thousand years old, and three thousand years older than Islam’s. Who are we to have to play second fiddle to Islam? We are in great danger, and the reason why is our leadership has failed us. I want to add just one more point. From my perspective, I’m doing something very crazy tomorrow morning at eight-thirty in the morning, in Tallahassee—which is, I’m going to register to run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Christian supporters also attended the rally. Sandra Lamb said she had come in support of Israel because she believed Jerusalem was the birthplace of Jesus.

Bethlehem is in Jerusalem, isn’t it?

Q. Bethlehem is in Palestine. It’s in the West Bank.

Oh, I’m sorry. Now it’s in the West Bank. So that means it doesn’t belong to Israel?

Q. It’s disputed territory, according to Israel.

See? And I’ve always believed the other. Yes. But, I still—even if that’s the only issue, I still believe Israel needs our help. Because they will be there to help us should we ever need them.

David and Joan Kass are an American Jewish couple who visit their daughter who lives in Jerusalem. They commented on safety and the relationships between Arabs and Jews.

They feel safe. They feel safe. I—you know, what we see, and what we hear, from the press is not what’s real—unfortunately, you know. My mother’s relatives get along great with the Arabs. You know, they get along wonderfully with them. And you hear all these stories about they don’t get along. It’s not true! It’s absolutely not true.

Q. Would you recommend that people go and find out for themselves?

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Four Muslim women stood a short distance from the rally site. They carried a Palestinian flag and held signs that read, “End the occupation.” Hadeel Said is a student at USF.

We want people to know what’s going on. We want people to read; we want people to turn off Fox News, and CBS, and CNN, and read, and follow up on the history, and follow up on all the stuff that’s going on over there. Because if you do read, you’ll know who’s in the right, and you’ll know who’s in the wrong. And if you keep listening to these media that’s influenced by right and left, then you’ll never know what’s going on over there in the Middle East.

Kunst said he did not know any Muslims. He expressed no desire to meet and talk to the Muslim women who had come. He called for more rallies to demonstrate the need to oppose Obama policy and to fight what he described as the Nazi-like strategies of Islamists.

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