On Monday, About twenty people held a protest outside a KFC on Kennedy Boulevard to try to alert the public to what they say is KFC’s cruel treatment of chickens. WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer was there and filed this report.


A six-foot tall chicken was among the people chanting and asking passing cars to honk if they are against animal cruelty

ACT “McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys have all not passed on price increase to their customers..� Dan Shannon is campaign coordinator for people for the ethical treatment of Animals, abbreviated PETA.

ACT “If you did the things that KFC does do to a chicken to dogs….were not asking people …we have been in negotiations for 2 years.�

KFC is owned by Yum brands corporation, the same company that owns Taco Bell.

ACT “Yum brands is the parent company is the parent, were negotiating wit hem about chickens..they are the must abuse and most eaten. 9 billion animals are eaten, and 8 million are chickens.

SOUND “KFC what do you say…�

Spring ACT “It doesn’t make any sense, theres no reason to torture them…McDonalds Wendy’s have adapted, just ask them to adapt… doesn’t cost more money, they just don’t care.they just don’t want to make the changes�

PETA has submitted a statement to Senator Orrin Hatch and members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, asking that Jonathan Blum, senior vice president of public relations for KFC, be investigated for testimony that PETA believes violates federal laws that prohibit making false claims to the government and obstructing Congress. On May 18, Blum testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, calling PETA’s campaign to reform KFC’s handling and slaughtering practices “corporate terrorism� and misleading the committee about KFC’s continued support for the extreme cruelty to chickens.

Betty Lou Rosen, and Jim Brockington responded to the stereotype that animal rights activists are all vegetarian, and look down on everyone who eats meat..

Jim Brockington ACT ‘We believe strongly in a vegetarian diet but not everyone needs to be a vegetarian, and what they’re being raised for doesn’t make any difference at all.’

ACT “Everyone has a comfort zone, some are meat eaters, some don’t know what goes on behind the doors of a slaughter house they might become a vegetarian themselves, they might have to make a choice.�

Since the negotiations talks with Yum brands broke down, and promises made by KFC were not kept, concerned citizens have engaged in grassroots tactics, holding similar protests in front of KFC stores all over the world. Sheila Ingalsbe says it’s the only option left.

ACT “Were trying to impact their sales and raise awareness with the public, so they wont want to eat at KFC…�

But the KFC customers on Monday didn’t seem very upset, or even aware of what the protestors were upset about.

ACT ‘I stopped to give em some business cause these people are giving them a hard time…what are they saying. I knew a guy who worked for Purdue…what are your standards? As well as they can people gotta eat…I guess they should treat em as well as they could. Would it effect your habits? No it wouldn’t.�

ACT “I see you guys are walking into KFC…a waste of time, stop somebody from going in by standing outside and chanting.�

ACT ’..they crazy as hell�

One Kentucky fried chicken employee was sticking her middle finger out of the drive through window at the protestors. When WMNF began asking her how she felt about the issue, a store manager came to the window and instructed the employee not to speak to the press.

ACT “What are they doing…its not effecting business..� A group of employees in training were coming out of KFC, they were hesitant to give their feelings about the issues raised by the protestors because they thought it would be frowned on by their employer.

ACT “I don’t know if were allowed to say anything…lets eat here…

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