The suffering begins on the Gulf Coast

05/10/10 Tom Baur
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Oily tar balls are rolling into the pristine bayous and islands of Louisiana and Alabama as the out-of-control BP Deepwater Horizon oil gusher continues to spew 200,000 gallons of crude per day. Is Florida next?

Blue clear skies, gentle waves, and pristine sugar sand greeted 136 passengers as they disembarked the Ship Island Excursions ferry boat for a Mother's Day at the beach. Ferry boat Capt. Louis Skrmetta's family charter boat business has endured hard times and hurricanes for 84 years. Until now. On a good day, Captain Louis transports 400 beach goers to Ship Island. As a result of the publicity surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, today he carried 136. He says if this keeps up, he'll run out of money by August. And his family and 36 employees will be out of work and broke.

Linda St Martin heads the Gulf Oil Disaster Responders, an ad hoc group of Gulfcoast business people, environmentalists and concerned citizens. They are mad at BP, their Mississippi governor, President Barack Obama and anyone else in charge who did not show up to help.

According to the Associated Press, seven BP executives were on board April 20 celebrating the rig's safety record when a bubble of methane raced up the drill column from 5,000 feet down and exploded after the flammable fumes met an ignition source.

In the explosion, scores were injured. Eleven workers disappeared and have not been found.

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